Events: Set-up, Support & Take-Down Services

Our mission is to support BlackAVL and WNC entrepreneurs, business-owners and organizations who are vendors at festivals and other events, as they unload and reload their merchandise, supplies and equipment. We, also, support community members in attendance.


Supervisor of Volunteers & Z-Squad Members

  • Job Description:

    Black Community Members SUPERVISE Volunteers and Workers – It would be most helpful if you could to do 2, 3 or 4-hr. shifts (or longer)
  • Number Needed: 
  • Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.
  • Shifts – 1-2 or 3-hr shifts or longer


When you arrive, you will help the movers move things into our spot.

You will…

  • Help set up the tent and the area.
  • Secure it to prevent movement should there be heavy winds.
  • Use the weights or white paint buckets filled with water.
  • Please check to make sure that all of the equipment has been labeledZig Zag Zoom” and/or ZZZ with a gold marker and a black permeant marker.

Z-Squad Members

  • Assign each of the Z-Squad members a “Buddy
  • They do not have to stay together, but, they should check in with each other from time-to-time
  • Give each them a wagon and a walkie-talkie
  • Document names, times for working with a vendor, if possible
  • If there are aren’t enough Z-Squad members, give wagons to vendors to use and return
       – Document the name of the person and their cell number
  • Notify/Remind the Z-Squad and Volunteers, especially the NIGHT Shift,  that you will move close to the parking area after 8:00.

Supporting Attendees

  • Offer the walker or a cane to elders or anyone who appears to need it.
    They can keep it if they want to.
  • Cell phone charging station
  • Keep away from passersby

SEE the FORM – put in the information

Put a Name Tag on the phone (using name tags/tape or Post-it-Notes)

8:00 or 8:30Begin packing up the items/equipment

  • Take the TENT down.
  • The Z-Squad members will be using the Wagons/Carts
  • Move things close to the parking area in preparation for putting things in the truck.
  • You can sit there until the Squad members and Volunteers have returned all of the wagons/carts.